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Hometown: Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden Current Label: Century Media Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Erik Danielsson - Vocals
Pelle Forsberg - Guitar
Håkan Jonsson - Drums
Set Teitan - Guitar
Alvaro Lillo - Bass

Watain Bio:

Watain was formed in 1998 and have since then released three fullength albums; "Rabid Death's Curse" in 2000, "Casus Luciferi" in 2003 and in february 2007; the highly acclaimed "Sworn to the Dark".

The band has embarked on several tours across the world, together with bands such as Dissection, Angelcorpse and Celtic Frost. This together with their extensive list of exclusive gigs and festival-appearances has resulted in Watain becoming globally infamous and highly acclaimed for their blood-drenched, fiery performances, being ceremonies of radiant madness and the blackest metal fanaticism.

After the release of "Sworn to the Dark" in early 2007, Watain went out on their giant Fuck the World Tour reaching through Europe, North America, South America and Mexico. The last 111th date was held as a commemoration of the bands 10 year anniversary, in Uppsala, Sweden.

The world now holds its breath as it has been announced that Watain shall release their long-awaited fourth fullength album "LAWLESS DARKNESS" on June 7th 2010.

Watain performs Black Metal in it's original form; dangerous, passionate, sinister and magical. Drenched in blood, swept in mystery, shunning no sacrifice. You have been warned.

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