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Winds Of Genocide

Winds Of Genocide
Hometown: Durham City, UK Current Label: Pulverised Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: KAT SHEVIL- vocals
LINUS- drums
GLYNN HALL - guitar
DAN H - bass

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"Imagine if Discharge and Cianide had a child, you would get Winds of Genocide"- METAL MANIACS

"This EP whips through six tracks of crusty thrash which sounds to my ears very much like Bolt Thrower, Discharge and Hellhammer playing all at the same time"- ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

WINDS OF GENOCIDE play their hardcore punk with slight elements from death metal. The result sounds like Wolfbrigade with Barney Greenway on vocals-NECROSLAUGHTER WEBZINE

"WINDS OF GENOCIDE come blazing from the Northeast of England with a sound straight from the hoary depths of some as yet unnamed netherworld, The lyrics are dark odes to war and destruction and the utter annihilation of mankind. Its CRUST (claws thrust forth) and metal (fists raised high) perfectly paired with a driving, pounding beat. Guitars of hellish flame and throat shredding vocals that come from the pits of hades. "The Arrival of Apokalyptic Armageddon" was produced by Bri Doom to unleash the fury of hell upon your unsuspecting neighbours. Many releases have been called the perfect soundtrack to Armageddon but this CD raises the bar."-PROFANE EXISTENCE MAGAZINE

six tracks claiming for the extinction of all existing things that succeed in combining the fucking best elements of Crust/Punk and old school Death Metal, with a few Tom G. Warrior's "ughs" thrown in for good measure. Kind of Detestation/Anti-Cimex/Wolfpack meets Entombed/Bolt Thrower/Autopsy with Barney Greenway or Kam Lee on vocals. - MEMENTO MORI LABEL-DISTRO, SPAIN

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