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Within The Ruins

Within The Ruins
Hometown: Westfield, Massachusetts Current Label: Good Fight Music Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tim Goergen - Vocals
Joe Cocchi - Guitar
Jay Vanschelt - Guitar
Mike Beaujean - Bass
Drummer - Drums

Within The Ruins Bio:

Recognizing the talent and passion of WITHIN THE RUINS, it’s no wonder VICTORY RECORDS has added them to its growing roster. Natives to Westfield, Massachusetts, this quintet is armed with a unique take on blending tech and metal together; writing music that set their band apart from the numerous metal bands today. WITHIN THE RUINS have mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity. They describe their sound as “loud, energetic, interesting and fresh” and cite bands like Metallica and As I Lay Dying as their early influences.

It would be easy to attribute their unique sound to the countless hours WITHIN THE RUINS dedicates to practicing each week. In order to perfect their technical styles, the members practice every day. “You do it long enough and you’re going to see results,” noted founding member and guitarist Joe Cocchi. “We constantly try to take our music to the next level, challenging ourselves as well as the listener.” This mindset helps WITHIN THE RUINS stay focused as they devote most of their time to evolving their sound, growing as musicians and building their fan base.

Relentless practicing to hone musical skills is one thing, but WITHIN THE RUINS also feels that touring makes up another grueling aspect in their quest for musical recognition. They have already toured with fellow Victory label mates EMMURE, as well as August Burns Red and Shadows Fall. Along the way, their fan base has spread from Massachusetts to states like Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky and New York, leaving their mark on each one as they pass through. “It’s different everywhere, that’s why it’s such an experience,” Cocchi said. “We just like to have a good time and talk to people at the shows.”

WITHIN THE RUINS is currently preparing for their second release. Be sure to check out their debut album, Creature, released in 2009.

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