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Eolian Empire Bio:

Eolian Empire is a record label based in Portland, Oregon, with a focus on heavy, noisy, weird, experimental, outsider, and underground music from Portland and the Pacific Northwest. The artists on Eolian draw on the region's history of dirty and dirgey sounds but crush, twist, and grind them into even heavier, wilder, and more unpredictable and extreme directions.

Eolian's limited vinyl and cassette releases are approached as cooperative creative endeavors between the artists and the label, with an emphasis on high-quality but raw recordings and handcrafted artwork made most often with the help of our local community of sound engineers and printmakers.

Eolian Empire was originally founded in 2005 as Eolian Records by our good friend and Fourth Rabbit Daniel Abell. Here is what Daniel had to say about the label some years ago:

Eolian Records was established as a means to highlight the best underground music in Portland, Oregon. We focus on heavy and experimental sounds created by some very esoteric and discerning individuals.

This is not a hobby, nor a business venture, but rather, an artistic and radical partnership with each of these musicians and the parties involved to create their music. Our goal is to forge relationships with people to the benefit of the musicians and their fans, not create commerce between institutions for personal gain. If it ever happens that any releases are recouped in costs, the profits go directly into the artists pocket or into further pressings and releases of that artist's work.

The artists featured here share our D.I.Y. ethic and we are more than honored to work with them. All recordings, masters, artwork, and pressings are of the highest standards, but aesthetically pale in comparison to the music captured on each.

Well said. We will continue blazing that trail set out before us, growing our empire by thrash and trash, a mountain of noise to draw near those that can hear it from faraway.

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