Gilead Media

Gilead Media Bio:

A vinyl-focused metal (these days) label based in Oshkosh, WI.

Gilead Media began in 2005 as an outlet for my creative energies and as a response to the music industry I was then immersed in by my job. It has transformed into a label that thrives on producing records that have captured a collection of special energies and emotions. This is something I do solely for my passion of music.

I have a literal hand in every aspect of the label, and perform the vast majority of the duties myself. Web content, production, assembly, design, printing, really every aspect of the label is handled by a single person.

When you pick up a Gilead Media release and see a patch, poster, button or screen printed insert, you can bet that I've printed, cut and assembled those components myself or with the help of friends. I'm proud to have worked with outstanding people and brilliant bands to deliver records that have taken a brief moment and preserved it, a burning ember in the endless darkness.

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