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Goat of Mendes Records
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Goat of Mendes Records is an independent, UK-based label founded in 1997.

With a personal background on its founders' part long spanning genres that range from avant-garde and extreme Metal to the most underground and cutting-edge end of Electronica, the label first crawled out of practical obscurity with the release of Akercocke's "Rape of the Bastard Nazarene", a crushing yet uniquely distinctive statement of intent that still rates as one of the band's most popular and best selling albums.

More recently, the label has joined forces with other artists such as Corpsing (Brutal, Experimental Death/Black Metal with more than just a difference) and Indesinence (Intense, Expansive Doom/Death taking cues from the Old-School and from yet darker places beyond).

The label's policy is one that favours and nourishes creative freedom, artistic integrity and the creation of intense, brooding soundscapes to feed the needs of the discerning enthusiast of dark music.

GoM's meticulous and unhurried selection of artists sees an unpredictable and eclectic roster of bands and projects linked by the drive to create albums that are as unique in conveying a sense of the forebodding as they are elaborated and rich in concept and spirit.

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