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Hunter's Moon Records is a UK based record label, situated in the heartland of Heavy Metal-the Midlands. The label proudly supports all styles of music in the rock and metal genre from heavy metal and hard rock to punk and gothic rock. We love it all. Our whole ethos is to find the best bands and music that we possibly can to bring to our great fans. We are an international label working with bands from all around the world to bring you the best music possible. After a fantastic first year we are celebrating our second year with lots of changes.

Firstly we are launching this, our new website that we hope you will love. We will be bringing out some new releases from some incredible bands over the coming months and we are always looking to find more bands to work with. Not only that but we will be diversifying to bring out releases of other forms of music that we know rock and metal fans will love as much as we do.

Harvest Moon Records is our extreme metal imprint. Harvest Moon was established to focus on finding the best extreme music from around the world. That means we will be offering the best releases in black metal, death metal, doom, folk and anything else we consider extreme. The Aeon of Horus debut album The Embodiment of Darkness And Light has been receiving amazing reviews so check them out now. We are looking to work with new bands so if you think your band could be on the label contact us now.

Harvest Moon has an agreement with Grailight productions, a Russian based label owned by Demether of Arcane Grail that specialises in Russian black metal. Harvest Moon will be releasing albums from the bulk of the Grailight catalogue in the coming months.We are proud to be associated with this great label and hope to work with similar labels to bring great bands to our fans. We hope that you find something you like from our catalogue. Good Hunting.

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