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'Hypnotic Dirge Records' is an underground black metal record label that was created in the city of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada in the fall of 2008. Although we identifty ourselves as a black metal label, we do not constrict ourselves to the confinements of one specific genre, especially considering how shallow and narrow-minded the idea of black metal has become. We aim to release qualit
y music by quality artists in a variety of music genres possessing thoughtful, emotional, creative and hypnotic sounds.

We officially opened on October 20th, 2008, and soon thereafter released our first two official releases 'Winds of Sorrow - Through Twilight..., and 'Ancient Tundra - Requiems of a World Lost'. Initially, Hypnotic Dirge Records released mostly CD-r releases in an effort to spread the word about our label and the bands on our roster while being limited to our relatively small budget. However, all of these CD-r releases were professional in terms of printing and playing quality, and we occasionally released some special editions such as a 2CDr re-release of Neige et Noirceur's L'Abime des Jours, l'ecume des nuits, as well as a CDr/DVDr Symbiosis/Ancient Tundra split in a Super Jewel Box packaging.

However, starting in Mid 2010, we decided to take the next step releasing the vast majority of our future releases on Pro CD in editions of 500. The first example was the emmense Exiled From Light - There is no beauty left here... double-CD released in July 2010. After that release, the label moved to its current location three hours north of Swift Current to a city called Saskatoon (located in Saskatchewan, Canada) To finish off the year 2010, Hypnotic Dirge Records released two long-awaited albums by a couple of up and coming, yet vastly different projects from France - netra, and The Foetal Mind both on Pro-CD in December.

Looking ahead towards 2011, we plan to release at least 5 new releases during the year of 2011 on Pro-CD, and we are also aiming to release 3 new t-shirt designs as well as three different bands in the HDR roster.

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