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If you are looking to be signed by I HATE there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, we are a METAL label. Further, we like our metal old school as we don't believe in change and trends. We believe metal was perfected in the 80's. We respect passion, honesty and dedication; when the music comes first and really means something. We're fans of true doom metal and of thrash metal that sounds old and raw, preferably influenced by the early German, East European or South American scenes, but anything goes so long it sounds good and isn't modern. We also enjoy quality early heavy, epic, NWOBHM, death and black metal. Bottom line is, we like how it all sounded in the past! If your band falls into one of these categories we are eager to hear from you.
However, we are NOT interested in modern sounding thrash, heavy or power metal; progressive, gothic or symphonic metal; metalcore, deathcore or grindcore; folk and pagan metal; brutal death metal, most black metal, stoner and sludge and anything you think falls into the category of "untrue" doom. Admittedly we're willing to make exceptions with ..some.. of these genres if you dazzle us enough but don't bet on it to happen.
It's not our intention to sound elitist and unsympathetic but these are metal styles we're not interested in releasing, simple as that. There are many labels out there more suited to your needs and we don't want you to waste time, money and energy sending us material which we in all probability will dislike or won't feel fits into our roster.
Now, if you weren't deterred by that and genuinely believe you have a band that's right for I HATE and want us to hear you out, feel free to send a demo tape or CD-r to the PO Box address below. Especially tapes are almost guaranteed to be listened to! We do not have the time and willingness to check out MySpace pages and download links so those will be ignored. If you’re lazy and don't feel promoting your own band is important enough outside of the Internet don't even bother us. Send a ..physical release.. to us. It makes everything so much easier for both parties!

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