Itchy Metal Entertainment

Itchy Metal Entertainment Bio:

In addition to being one of the fastest growing, indie record labels on the scene, Itchy Music is a global business development agent meshing art and technology to constantly challenge conventional methods of production and marketing.

Itchy Music & Entertainment launched in November 2010 dedicated to Empowering Artists and Enabling Brands through the Influence of Music. IME endorses the belief that music is experienced and shared through a variety of limitless channels and interpretations. Consequently, we support multi-genre delivery of art. Our integrated, direct-to-consumer “cross-culture pollination” engines extend our artists, partners and messaging to millions, globally.

In other words, in everything we do – WE MIX IT UP because “Art Influences Everything…”

As a member of the prestigious Recording Academy and authorized Grammy Awards media partner, Itchy Music & Entertainment (IME) is devoted to re-engineering the relationship between artist and label. We’re looking to find people that share our passion and understand how to build a common vision for success.

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