Kreative Klan

Kreative Klan Bio:

After 10 years in producing, recording and consulting recording labels and companies, Bunkker naturally evolves into Kreative Klan, a company created with the aim to give young talents a chance in music and fashion designing of street/casual clothing.
Our will is to make these two worlds interact as one through our record label, publishing company, recording studio and a fashion research center.

If you are a member of a band looking for a record deal and you have a demo or a full length click this link, we will be happy to listen to your work!
If you're willing to record your music in our recording studio, get in touch with studio(at)

If you are a fashion designer or a graphic artist and you have realized a sketch or an idea for a t-shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a hat... or anything that has to deal with clothing, click here; we will be happy to take a look to your idea!

If you have any question write to info(at) or directly to the music/fashion departments you will find on our site

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