Layered Reality Productions

Layered Reality Productions Bio:

Current Layered Reality Bands and Projects:

- Dimaeon
- Insidiae
- Insolitvs
- Mind:Soul
- The Angrotron Project
- Unforeseen Motion

“My goal with Layered Reality Productions is to let the world hear new music that is strange and unexpected! I guess you can call it weird music for weird people!”
(Tom de Wit)

And with this philosophy a new adventure started in the year of 2008. The idea for Layered Reality Productions was conceived and flayed into shape in december of that year by Michiel van der Werff (Weltschmerz) and Tom de Wit. (TDW, Angrotron, Mind:Soul) They both are independent musicians from The Netherlands who decided that they needed to create a platform of their own to release their musical projects upon. This was not just a decision based on their own music works but also based on the idea of getting a special initiative going for promoting strange music in general.

The main idea was to create a “do-it-yourself-production-collective” where multiple bands/projects and/or acts could be a part of in the more heavy, progressive and/or experimental music genres. So the basic idea was not just to release their own work, but also to let other bands and projects join in on this adventure. Michiel finally left the Layered Reality initiative because his musical focus shifted to other endeavours, but Tom soldiered on and after a period of hard work the first proper version of Layered Reality came to be and the rest is history!

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