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When you support Metalhit you also support the artist in one of the most direct ways possible. Our goal is to provide unique and innovative ways to connect fans directly to the bands they support. Often this is through a record company, but as the music industry evolves, Metalhit is uniquely positioned to provide bands with the same level of support that a traditional record company would offer, while cutting costs for you, the consumer, and providing a higher profit margin for the bands we partner with. Our unique position enables us to eliminate the costs carried by traditional distribution chains and label operations.

THE LABEL launched in early 2008, committed to representing extreme heavy metal music from quality bands and artists from around the world. The first of its kind, launched as a record label publishing and licensing bands directly to the digital music market, though performing as a traditional record label in the capacity of promotion and adequate representation of its artists. The Metalhit brand has since evolved by offering a variety of services to artists and labels worldwide.

Metalhit is the first premiere digital music oulet specializing exclusively in extreme metal music. Our digital store features high-fidelity 320 kbps MP3s (no DRM) with unlimited song preview capability. We also offer a price point that is difficult to beat! $4.99 is our standard price for full digital albums. We're not afraid to offer what we know fans are willing to pay for digital downloads. Our merchandise store includes content from our exclusive artists as well as many other established bands from around the world. We offer the best prices you will find for our store content, as there are no middle-men marking up the cost of an album. When you purchase from our store, you are, in essence, purchasing directly from the labels and bands we represent in our shop.

Metalhit represents the core of the underground black/death/doom metal movement, supporting the digital music catalogs of more than eighty different extreme labels. Our catalogs are carried by the top digital music vendors and ringtone outlets worldwide.

Owner, Mike Riddick, has been a fan of metal since his youth and began involvement with the underground death and black metal scenes in 1992. Mike, and his twin brother, Mark, are well noted for their artistic contributions to the underground metal community via their music packaging and merchandising designs for various bands and labels over the years. Their work has been profiled in magazines like PIT, Terrorizer and Metal Hammer. Mike also has a background in operating a traditional record label, The Fossil Dungeon, exploring gothic and ethereal sounds. In addition to this, the brothers play in a variety of internationally published bands in a spread of various independent music scenes.

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