Panic Records

Panic Records Bio:

Panic Records is an independent record label from Seattle, WA. While the beginnings of the label are tied to the Hardcore/Punk Scene, the labels reaches beyond those genres to release music from a variety of different bands and artists. Currently the label represents All Teeth, Breag Naofa, Casting Curses, Heartwell, Hollow Earth, Humaana, Lions Lions, Make Do And Mend Man Overboard, Pentimento, Powerwolves, Run With The Hunted, The Saddest Landscape, Set Your Goals, Trial, Wait In Vain and Young English.

Panic Records was founded by Timm McIntosh (guitarist of Trial, Champion and vocalist of Wait In Vain) in 2005 by releasing the long out of print and now classic EPs “Through The Darkest Days” and “Foundation” by Trial. Since then the label has grown to support and help younger bands get the attention they deserve.

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