Pitch Black Records

Pitch Black Records Bio:

Pitch Black Records is a metal label established by an individual who first and foremost loves music (primarily rock and metal of course); he loves composing, performing, listening and most of all discovering new music and sharing it with others.

This is a record label created out of pure love and passion and those two elements will always be reflected in each and every one of our releases. We will constantly strive to produce quality releases, offering them at reasonable prices.

Musically, the label is more focused on heavy / power metal releases but some of the qualities we look for in music are any of the following or a combination of them: melody, atmosphere, a touch of darkness or just pure adrenalin-pumping steel! We’re very open-minded when it comes to music so don’t be surprised to find other styles of music here, it could be anything from blues, rock, heavy metal, doom, power, epic, death, hardcore, or even electronica. Hell it could even be black metal! Like mentioned earlier… this label was created out of love for MUSIC!

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