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Profound Lore Records Bio:

Based out of Canada (and now situated in the vast countryside about an hour-and-a-half West of the godforsaken Greater Toronto Area), Profound Lore Records was created to display an artist’s musical vision in the most unique and distinct of manners. No matter the vision, and no matter the style, this is not relevant to us. The artists that converge to encompass the Profound Lore Records roster are artists that harbor a strong integrity within their music. Whether it be presenting an artist’s vision through the traditional CD release, or releasing an artist’s material through a special limited edition vinyl statement, Profound Lore Records is here to serve and adhere to the artist’s vision; to help the artist manifest their vision to the highest plateau possible, no matter how extreme or subtle their aura is. This is a realm where middle ground doesn't exist. Fuck middle ground.

Dwelling within the more underground confines of the more eclectic and extreme recesses of the music scene, Profound Lore Records has dabbled within various genres such as death metal, doom metal, black metal, avant-garde, ambient, chamber, noise, progressive, acoustic, and post rock, Profound Lore Records’ aim is to embody a cohesive collective amongst the artists; one that makes them compatible with one another under this grand banner to create a strong aesthetic. In this manner, Profound Lore Records is always lurking around to work and collaborate with artists of a unique nature and stature, to help strengthen the vision of the label, in reflection to what the artist portrays and reflects with likewise.


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    […] Aaron Turner has settled that a rope is about median by recording a new record for Profound Lore Records. They are now on a mangle from recording a manuscript and will resume on June. The manuscript is […]

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