Prophecy Productions

Prophecy Productions Bio:

From the onset, it was Prophecy’s philosophy to not limit ourselves to any one genre. Rather, you will find a varied spectrum on our label roster, ranging from dark metal and intense acoustic music to progressive and indie rock. We have never refrained from unconventional music of any stripe as long as it is touching and rousing.

So, what exactly the thing is behind Prophecy, nobody will be able to say for sure -- maybe it is the proverbial “certain something” that’s the central thread of all our label releases. As it has been in the past, so it shall be in the future: only the creativity of our artists will fill Prophecy’s name with content. Eerie-emotional music just doesn’t sit well with limitations; it rather goes with love for adventure, passion, and the will to transcend borders -- established ones as well as personal ones!

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