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  1. Head of Metal Metal Riot

    Love it! Autopsy has always been good at integrating that crushing doominess into their death metal.

  2. Head of Metal Metal Riot

    Their videos just seem to get more and more elaborate as they go on. Hope Bu-Tik will be another smashing success for them!

  3. Head of Metal Metal Riot
    Pentagram confirm US shows 06/16/2013 3:06 PM

    Very nice...wish they'd stop a bit closer to New York, though...

  4. Head of Metal Metal Riot

    Considering the events of the past couple years, Behemoth certainly has a lot to write about....here's hoping they've still got it!

  5. Head of Metal Metal Riot

    VERY excited for this new album. Dark Tranquillity for my money has been the most consistent Gothenberg-style group over time. And more than 20 years together, wow...

  6. Head of Metal Metal Riot
    Carcass signs to Nuclear Blast 05/25/2013 8:05 AM

    YES! Marking my calendar....

  7. Head of Metal Metal Riot

    These fools are at it again? I hope the fans and others in attendance don't lash out, and that the funeral can proceed in peace. At Dio's funeral, didn't a bunch of counterprotesters show up and run their motorcycles all day to drown them out?