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Morgan Ywain Evans:

20+ year Hudson Valley, NY rock singer/author/music journalist. Bi Sexual...dreaming of nosferatu while trapped on the island of dr moreau , etc.

Currently sing for punk/metal crossover band GET OUT. and my solo project WALKING BOMBS. also have a casual alternative rock/pop/electro project Black & White Universe (@blackwhiteunive) with Chris Heitzman of Lara Hope + The Ark-Tones.

Formerly of DIVEST/ Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch (w/Nate Kelley of Shabutie/CoCa)/ Melancholy/ Fuse/ Knucklediver on vocals. DIVEST did 7" and record "Ghost Town Reckoning" that was intended to be put out by Doc from Bad Brains on his FKM Imprint and co-produced by Applehead Studios and D.Ilchuk in 2003.

I write for several sites and magazines including, this lovely site & Dying Scene,, and I formerly wrote for Crusher Magazine and AMP/Hails & Horns for many years.

Love people and scene unity.

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  1. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    i dont have a party affiliation

  2. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    cool. i was over by the bar catching my breath at that point. haha

  3. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    not if i wrote it, no.

  4. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    i dunno. i think it didnt go away in the midwest as much but when Killswitch came out they were often heralded as the "nu metal" killers...

  5. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    Arctopus have been kicking ass around NYC for years. They are really different and cool. And Vektor are some fresh blood. It is great MR has been giving them love.

  6. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    that song is about Axl's cat

  7. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    They are so fantastically fucking good.

  8. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    great review. made me lmao. hockey songs are good unless it is the misfits writing about the NY Rangers. I am from NY so support the Rangers but never understood why the Misfits, from Lodi, NJ, didn't write about the NJ Devils! It's a no brainer. They even are called "The Devils" which is more Misfits-y than a "ranger". But it was fake non Danzig Misfits that did this anyway. Digression over. Cam Pipes is a beast!

  9. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    i love this band. only have the 1st EP and 1st LP and need to catch up on purchasing the rest, but i have always admired their fearlessness, chops and vibe.

  10. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    you should hear the Mindless Self Indulgence version of Greatest Love Of All

  11. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    glad you gave props to G. Squid. Graveyard and Across Tundras, also.Killer releases. Some good choices! I was really into SubRosa, The Haunted and Atlas Moth records last year. Was just a thrilling year for metal.

  12. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    this is by far my fave record of year along with subrosa's "no help for the mighty ones." but yeah, haunted KILLED it w UNSEEN.

  13. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    awesome. i was oddly singing "bradley" out of the blue while drivign the other day. and my half-sister's uncle ross hogarth produced Dark Days, which is the sickest C. Chamber album. tones on that record are ridiculous.

  14. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    we're gonna give all these bands a hudson valley welcome

  15. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    they are playing with my band ANTIDOTE 8 at the Loft show! gonna be insane:

  16. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    i like Trivium but gonna have to laugh at "no one is doing anything new". I can think a ton of exciting, new records that broke molds this year.

  17. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot


  18. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    Apollo is Nate's dog and Cambria is my sister and they are sell outs. Only Josh has tried to save himself.

  19. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    Mic used to be my best friend and haven't talked since 2006 because I was the only one who originally tried to help him. Josh asked me to do an intervention and it never worked and then I was blacklisted for trying to save his life embarassing him publicly on Myspace in 2006 by begging him to stop dope and Claudio to stop lying about true history of band AND Mic and Josh's problems. I told everyone something really bad would happen and now it has and they just announce how psyched they are about their next record in same breath as announcing the death knell of a member of the band who played with them 15 years. I remember Mic's first show. Fuck you, Claudio.

  20. Morgan Ywain Evans Metal Riot

    i grew up with these guys and was in a band PPSP with their original drummer Nate a band called The Electric Ten Inch with Mic. Cambria is my sister and they have used my lyrics and not cvredited me over the years. Mic had a horribly bad problem and is to blame for that but they strung him along for years to keep him gigging and covered it up only until the last few years and instead of TRULY helping him kept him playing shows. Their manager sucks and helped break up At The Drive In. Have played over 100 shows with them growing up and now we never talk. They threw Mic to the wolves. $$$$$$$$$$$. Now they act shocked. Fuck you, Claudio.