3 plan to release a new song the 3rd of each month

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 7:29 PM (PST)


Woodstock/Kingston, NY based alternative prog-metal and funk space soldiers 3 have decided to switch models for the time being and concentrate on releasing singles. Band founder, guitar prodigy Joey Eppard fills us in:

“We decided this was the best way forward for the band at this point. If I sit down to make a record, its kinda like ok seeya in a few …. so we thought why not focus on 1 song a month, with video content, teasers, new art and shirt designs. So I’m knee deep in it right now. 1 week, still cutting vocals, need Billy’s guitar, Daniel’s bass as well. Should be an interesting week!”

The first song seems to be a 3 tune called “Sugarlife” that they play live. It is refreshing to see the band continue to evolve and adapt with creative solutions to each passing year.Fans who want to help can buy merch HERE, with proceeds going to the continued production of all 2014 singles by 3. Cool stuff!

Stay tuned for more 3 news as we get it.

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