A Devil’s Din premiere “Nature of the Beast”

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Montreal rockers A Devil’s Din are ready to bring a steady psychedelic rock around the world.

A Devil’s Din are currently streaming their latest track “Nature of the Beast”.

“Nature of the Beast” comes off of Skylight which will be released on June 17.

Head over to Pure Grain Audio to listen to “Nature of the Beast”.

Check out the video for the title track here.

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1) Skylight (3:14)
2) Phaze Ulysses (3:29)
3) Never The Same Thing (5:20)
4) Bow To Thee, Absurde (3:43)
5) I Don’t Know (7:06)
6) Nature Of The Beast (4:23)
7) For A While (5:38)
8) Eye’s Pie (4:05)
9) Prequel (5:20)

Vocalist/guitarist David Lines comments on “Nature of the Beast”:

“‘Nature of the Beast’ is one of the heavier tracks on our album and with a title like that, you’d expect that! But the beast in question isn’t anything out of the bible, it’s about the beast we all know and hate: bureaucracy! It sort of came to me while I was on hold with the phone company. Nature of the Beast, indeed. Sometimes a phrase or expression is enough to get me going songwriting-wise and ‘Nature of the Beast’ was no exception. It’s a really heavy, deep, multi-layered saying. “What’s the Beast? Why is that its Nature?” Musically the song starts with an interesting rhythmic guitar chord sequence, ran through a phaser and Space Echo with haunting lead bends echoing off in the distance, creating a dark, hallucinatory setting. Then everything drops out for a fast almost chromatic guitar riff, which kicks into overdrive and busts open like a ton of bricks. Maybe it’s a bit of a formula for us, like Genus Novus and WARGASM! from the first record, but we love to start off with a spooky, trippy vibe before unleashing the heaviosity. It makes for a more interesting listening experience, at least we think so! We like the music to go places and not be so obvious. Maybe it requires more attention to get into to it, but for us, it’s way more compelling.”

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