A Soul Called Perdition release physical copies of ‘Into The Formless Dawn’

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 11:24 PM (PST)


Finland melodic death metallers A Soul Called Perdition have released physical copies of their album Into The Formless Dawn.

Check out the song “Severance” as well as the album art and track list for Into The Formless Dawn here.

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01. Woe (03:07)
02. There Is No Shelter (04:11)
03. Into The Formless Dawn (04:23)
04. Severance (03:38)
05. Emptiness (04:36)
06. Immortal, Entwined (03:34)
07. To Those Who Shall Follow (04:06)
08. We Walked In The Shadows (03:21)

Tuomas Kuusinen on Into The Formless Dawn:

“This album is a farewell to my brothers in Pain Confessor, farewell to the band that has held my heart and soul for over a decade. I also see it as a farewell to all the hardship that came with it. Every song is poured full of my disgust of this modern day hell we live in, mostly the people cancerously devouring our own home. It felt great to finally get to let it all out, that pent-up rage. Hope it comes through to the listener and love it or hate it, feel it.”

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