Affector release album teaser, track list and cover artwork for upcoming album “Harmagedon”

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 11:25 AM (PST)

International progressive rock/metal band Affector have released an album teaser for their upcoming InsideOut Music debut album Harmagedon. The album will be out on May 21st in Europe and May 22nd in North America via InsideOut Music. Check out the album teaser right here.

In addition to the album teaser, the band has also released the album’s track list and cover artwork. Affector’s Collin Leijenaar commented on the teaser and the cover artwork:

“With this teaser we hope to give the listener a bit of an idea what ‘Harmagedon’ sounds like – but since these are only small excerpts of an album that contains about 65 minutes of music, there is much more music to explore, so the best way to really experience it, is to buy it :).”

“The album cover has been made by designer Daniel Latsch. After he heard parts of the demos when we were writing the album and we told him our story concept he made this beautiful artwork. We are very proud of it. It really adds something to the complete package. Especially with the vinyl version; one of the benefits of being able to release our album on vinyl also – the artwork is just stunning!”

Click right here to see the track list and see a bigger picture of the artwork.

Harmagedon track list:

1. Overture pt.1: Introduction

2. Overture pt.2: Prologue

3. Salvation

4. The Rapture

5. Cry Song

6. Falling Away & The Rise Of The Beast

7. Harmagedon

8. New Jerusalem

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