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Album Review: Acid King – “Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere”

Posted by Joan on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 3:49 PM (PST)
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Heavy and atmospheric, stoner band Acid King return with their 2015 album, “Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere”. Fronted by San Francisco natives, Lori S. (vocals and guitar), along with bandmates, Joey Osbourne (drums) and Peter Lucas (bass), this trio delivers on slow groove and ambiance. Unlike their previous efforts, this album’s vocal stylings and guitar work play more on the doomy side of stoner, offering the listener a darker and more introspective tone than what might be expected from their earlier work on Acid King III. After a slow building and jamming Intro track, Acid King’s second track, Space Pictures, coalesces into a thick, unassuming, sludge-inspired sound, placing the band’s sound somewhere between King Woman meets Sleep meets Electric Wizard. Add to that, the driving doom of their sixth track, “Infinite Skies”, and you’ll feel like donning your biker jacket and going for a ride.

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Lori employs vocals reminiscent of early Sabbath and adds a female measure to the groovy melodies, making one feel just a bit spacey, contemplative, and sonically stoned. The distorted, fuzzy quality of the music isn’t anything new or different from the stoner genre, but brings in elements that pull the listener into a darker space, as does the low-tuned register of the guitar, the ethereal-esque vocals, and the slow but driving drum play. Overall, it’s a bit more complex and technical than their older stuff, marking a progression in the band’s compositional direction – which seemingly is a heavier – center of everything. So if heavy contemplation is your mood, play this album, grab your pipe, and ruminate.


Full Track Listing: 1. Intro (00:03:58) 2. Silent Pictures (00:09:33) 3. Coming Down from Outer Space (00:05:56) 4. Laser Headlights(00:07:03) 5. Red River(00:08:39) 6. Infinite Skies(00:08:03) 7. Center of Everywhere(00:08:59) 8. Outro (00:02:41)


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