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Album Review: Annihilator – Feast

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 9:07 PM (PST)
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The current Annihilator team led by Jeff Waters (of course) and Dave Padden continue to kill, beating Cannibal Corpse to the punch with a new album called Feast. Seriously, say the word “feaaasssst” in a George Fisher growl and you have to wonder how Cannibal didn’t nab that title to go along with recent gems Torture and Kill. It’s just as well, cuz Feast is the best Annihilator disc in awhile. “One Falls, Two Rise” has some very cool alt-rock parts, but it still explodes into full tilt metal as the song progresses.

Annihilator are Canada’s legendary true guitar heroism-centric thrash academy, teaching metal heads for 14 albums now how to get whiplash. Jeff Waters is one of the flashiest shredders around but also knows how to be tasteful, and he proves it on Feast again and again with songwriting as important as ample chops. The 3D deluxe edition comes with a killer re-cut classics disc (featuring songs like “Never, Neverland” and “Fun Palace”) Re-Kill for new fans. Similar to Stryper’s recent Second Coming it is the rare kind of re-recording LP that actually has merit) but the real reason to grab this is the new material and the gory as hell, photorealistic Gyula Havancsak zombie artwork, who has done work for Jungle Rot, Opera Diabolicus, Hour Of Penance and Tyr’s recent killer Valkyrja (

Feast delivers on opener “Deadlock”, a thrash song that really charges and even surpasses most Slayer of late. It’s a high bar to set from the start and is frankly the best song, but the rest of the album is good. Jeff is a shredder who can also play with feel, like the spectacular Marty Friedman who I really love. “Wrapped” is straight up rock n’ roll infused metal with lyrics and guest vocals from one of my favorites, Danko Jones. “No Surrender” shows range with weird funk rock that sounds fairly dated but gains ground when it gets heavier. “Demon Code” is a real ride and Waters and co. shine as expected. Highly recommended. Nice mellow day listening to stuff like The Dodos and Russian Circles with Chelsea Wolfe, then picked this up and felt metal course through my fingertips as I stared at the bloody cover. Dropped right into zombie, shred hell!

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