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Album Review: Attack Attack! – “This Means War”

Posted by NichTheHair on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 2:21 PM (PST)
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Ohio’s industrial metalcore quartet Attack Attack! released their third offering, This Means War, on Rise Records yesterday. As of now, they are #2 on the album charts of iTunes. Not a bad start to 2012 for the boys from Columbus. The album isn’t terrible, but it’s no Someday Came Suddenly. Where Someday brought us something fresh and unfamiliar, This Means War gives us a stale offering, possibly leftovers from last years Attack Attack! re-issue, which then, was still jumbled full of junk.

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Let’s take a minute to rewind here. In 2009, they brought us Someday Came Suddenly, which was chock full of something different: super-filthy techno beats, full-on top-of-the-lungs screaming, and cheesy, but awesome auto-tuned vocals on top of awesome post-punk/metalcore guitar stylings . Sound like something you know of? Yeah, me neither. I blasted that shit constantly, still do actually.

Then came their self-titled album in ‘010. A heavier album with some of their key sound elements present, but minus the previous singers Austin Carlile and Johnny Franck. Soooo….enter Caleb Shomo as the lead vocalist. Minus the singer shuffling, Attack Attack was still a pretty solid album. I was thoroughly outraged at the departure of Austin. They haven’t sounded the same since.

So here we are in ‘012 with some watered down, indiscernible metalcore with almost zero electronic influence. Needless to say, I am less than impressed with the opium for the masses, which is evident by their iTunes sales. I feel they have gone the way of Atreyu: downhill and easily digestible. Whatever concept they were going for has fallen short of coherency. All the song names start with”The.” The Reality ,The Abduction and so on.

The Wretched, which was the first single released for the album. It is a screaming example of how flaccid they have become. Power chords, a bit of synth, scream-sing-scream with double bass and boom, you have an Attack Attack! album. My advice, go BUY their first album, Someday Came Suddenly.

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