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Album Review: Black Cobra – “Imperium Simulacra”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 9:11 AM (PST)
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Black Cobra are a band with a sense of purpose. It’s evident if you listen to
any of the sludge punk duo’s onslaught filled and rhythmically rewarding
records that the band cut their teeth on many great bands before them and are
keen to carry the torch. A little bit Melvins, a bit of Karp riff charge and
yet a much more rawboned execution with an emphasis on a live sounding
insistence ensures this band could play with any metal or punk band and more
than hold their own.

Some people wrongfully think of legends Earth as a one style band. While, for
instance, “Badgers Bane” and, say, “Tibetan Quaaludes” both feature long,
droned out guitars with an emphasis on feel, there are still lots of subtle
differences related to the year of composition, intent of meaning, etc. Black
Cobra, like Motorhead or Black Tusk, also get kind of pigeonholed as a rad but
mostly one trick pony but that sells their action packed performances and
kinetic records far short.

Let’s check out new sci-fi infused record Imperium Simulacra (order HERE).

“Challenger Deep” arrives victoriously, charging in with giant balls. I am
loving how the vocals, particularly on title track “Imperium Simulacra” are
kind of sounding more and more like a punk rock version of Venom these days ,
a bit more tangible to understand and more snarled. As always the band are
tight as fuck, rattling out fist pumping anthems that tow the line between
poison spitting High On Fire charge and locked in machine gun snare and payoff
riff build (particularly during “Eye Among The Blind”).

Read more and hear “Obsolete” BELOW.

1:13 of “Fathom’s Below” is one of the beefiest head nodders I have heard in
any song in awhile, following on the heels of a sort of sleepy Lo-Pan esque
stoner build and then flirting back and forth between sludge and Lightning
Bolt spastic territory.

Halfway through the record you’ll already have the RDA of headbang for your
buck that you’d get out of about twelve other records stacked vertically. This
isn’t to say the album is fatiguing as much as incredibly heavy. These dudes
just don’t relent often, though “The Messenger” opens up for some serious
swaggering waves of distortion that are sure to start some shove mosh style
pits amongst stoner dwarves of any gender. You will likely find yourself
screaming “YEAHHH!” and putting your fist in the air during this song as I
did. Then comes the blast beat gutter nastiness of the proto-thrasher meets
skateboard flipping stomp of “Obsolete”, the murky bulldozer accident
hallucination doom of the intro to “Dark Shine” and two more tracks of fierce
shit that will make you need about three Red Bulls to keep up with these

Imperium Simulacra is nothing short of a nine track skull fisting that will
leave you deeply rocked out, satisfied and breathlessly wanting to start the
ride again like a glutton for punishment.

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