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Album Review: Black Crown Initiate – ‘Selves We Can Not Forgive’

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 2:42 PM (PST)
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July 22nd can’t get here fast enough , trust me. You are all gonna be psyched. Selves We Can Not Forgive (pre order HERE) is the perfect title for metal fans who have regrets they scarcely manage to live with. Whether or not this album exorcises and/or exercises your particular demon is up to the listener.

Black Crown Initiate are back.

“For Red Cloud” is decidedly more prominently old school death metal influenced up front before some starling melodic vocals change the pace to almost a hybrid of Dream Theater and pretty intense fancy foot tech death drumming from Jesse Beahler. The song also has a super clean, slippery and ripping lead solo. Between these guys and Prong and the new Gojira, there are some decidedly big scale bands still getting some pretty groundbreaking ideas into the mainstream metal consciousness.  As well as band on the way up like Caina who are more fringe still but also exploring some extremely interesting avenues.

1:37 of “Sorrowpsalm” is one of the coolest moments in recent metal, a slow charged build/pay off moment after a lengthy mellow meditation. Plenty of heady, complex but more physical than show off riffing with cerebral accoutrements. The band uses a fair amount of ornaments decorating but it’s all about the whole Christmas tree, so to speak.

The title track is intense, a song that almost takes what it feels like In Flames have been searching for with hit or miss results (but more success than mishaps in my opinion) and capturing attention. Plus there’s a near deathcore heavy bridge that is a huge lurch in the middle of an otherwise very textured and proggier number. The solo section in this one is also some guitar hero type study it with awe stuff as is a particular sickly unbelievable segue back into heavy just afterwards.

It is very cool the band didn’t get so hung up on topping The Wreckage Of Stars that they failed to make a confident record.

The album wrestles with the the notion that awareness itself is a curse, a tool for knowing that “nothing is truly knowable”. Like in a gemstone glowing quantum physics, science text book or Biblical way? Maybe that’s why the literal proof of God raising the dead is something everyone dwells on in the Bible. Or why we love zombie shows. Good time to love the people in your life and study some Buddhism. That’s helping me cope. So is this record.

BCI song “Matriarch” is calmer at first than the similarly titled Veil Of Maya groover of an album, but then gets pretty similarly busy albeit with a lot harsher vocals than Lukas Magyar. Parts of this song are like Amon Amarth and Periphery hung out and bonded, which is pretty fucknuts to contemplate.

I need to go drink some black coffee and pray for the “Vicious Lives” out there. Shit feels raw today. “Fallen Angel” is a cool bonus track. Go buy this album and Arktis from Ihsahn. And last year’s Queensryche album Condition Human just because. Peace.


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