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Album Review: Born Of Osiris – “The Discovery”

Posted by NichTheHair on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 11:24 AM (PST)
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I’m still trying to collect the pools of my face that were melted off once I listened to “The Discovery.” Born Of Osiris have made a beautiful and brutal album with their latest release, refining their unique sound while venturing into new ground. This impervious recording can stand up to anything, blasting its gatling gun rhythm and time, and dropping devastating drum fills to all who oppose. One aspect that really stood out was the crystal clear bass tracking. Another, was the vastly improved blend of Joe Buras’s sharp, icy vocals and Ronnie Canizaro’s deathly deep belts. This is a front to back player all day long.

Click here for the review.I might first point out this album is pleasantly more synthetic and symphonic than “A Higher Place.” Now, to some, this might be a drawback. I found it very well implemented into their blistering sound and there were no places I found it offensive or forced. In fact, it is these synthetics that give the album such a seamless playback, blending song into song. Most notably, the aggression and intensity of “Two Worlds of Design” gradually slipping into “A Solution” and it’s programmed precision and Joe Buras’s surprisingly soothing singing voice. Yes, singing. Another shining example of the progression of the band’s sound. Nice as it is, let’s just hope they keep that in check. No need to lose face to satisfy the mouth. It is also clear that there has been much toil over the contrast and congruency of the two vocalists. Both have such different styles and it sounds as if they have found the perfect balance between both.

As a whole, the songs are well composed. Rather than using a typical formula of songwriting, they have used their instruments in complete unison to create a massive piece of art. Glissando guitar sweeps grace the score, founded by a very clear and precise bass line. I often feel that the bass quality is sacrificed to accentuate the shredding of guitars. “Automatic Motion” and “Recreate” are prime examples of the bass shining through. “The Omniscient” and “XIV” are two instrumental tracks you will find on the album as well. More progress indeed. Also, check out “Shaping The Masterpiece” for a sweet breakbeat outro with a synth choir.

Born Of Osiris has created a magnum opus in “The Discovery.” Immense technicality and tremendous talent aside, they have come through and shown some real thought and earnest artistic creativity and calculation with this release. I can wholeheartedly find nothing to nit pick or constructively criticize this album. Any fan of Born Of Osiris, symphonic death metal, and creative and precise metal can find solace in this devastatingly delightful album. Trust me, you need this in your life.

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