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Album Review: Chron Turbine – II

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 11:48 AM (PST)
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The nineties influence on NY’s Chron Turbine‘s second record II is palatable but it’s a great thing, almost refreshing to hear quality but dry production and real picture painting instead of just whatever it is “the kids” are doing these days . Slinty math breaks meet grooving Lizardy basslines and noisy Steel Pole guitar skronk but almost Tad-esque melodic but hoarse kind of spoken/sung vocals on “Silent Partner”. “Love and Infection” seems to have a kind of dangers unprotected sex theme over a glorious blend of sort of caveman butthole surfers meets stoner stompage. All songs, instruments and voices were performed by Chris Turco, kind of like when J. Mascis got tired of other people and just kicked out some of the best Dino Jr. albums by his lonesome. Mixed and mastered by D.James Goodwin (Murder By Death, Devo). with additional mixing by Matthew Cullen (Ultraam) the record was tracked and engineered by Turco and Cullen in a low key rehearsal space in Kingston, NY.

It’s an awesome blend of noise rock, howled and kind of unhinged storytelling and juicy chaos. Closer “Way Out” feels lonely and big even if the vocals are kind of like overdubbed drunken, slightly off key sailors. “Midnight Mayor” is probably about this guy Mark Ferraro who plays in psych band Ultraam with Turco and Cullen and who is always roaming the streets at night telling yarns and being funny. That’s just a guess. It kind of sounds like The Birthday Party did meth. I dig it. “Hipster Amnesia” is my total favorite, though. “All Spree” has a forward momentum akin to Shellac, a heavy but minimalist sort of marching feel.

“I just met you at the party with your friend so why the fuck do you act as if we’ve never met?,” snarls Turco over a driving post punk groove. It’s super gratifying to hear other people complain about people being fake ass snobs. I hate “2 cool for school” people. But I love this song.
“Baby’s Got The Fear’ is like Flipper on whippits (guess I’m having a classic punk bands on drugs kind of adjective day), very seasick feeling but with like big, warm chords played on a clunky bass. Turco plays the drums on this like jackhammers, simple but gratifyingly stompy and pounding.

Peterwalkee Records continues to be one of the best boutique indie labels with this release and the recent Jason Martin Power Animal System Methods for all you kids who can not be spoon fed and like a little indie rock in your diet as well. None of these songs break far past three minutes but the whole record is satisfying.

Stream or, even better, pick up a copy HERE via Peterwalkee.


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