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Album Review: Conclave – “Sins Of The Elders”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, June 13, 2016 at 2:27 PM (PST)
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Conclave have just released their second album Sins Of The Elders. The band consists of members of Warhorse, Grief, Disrupt, Desolate, and Martyrvor.

Conclave will be playing a record release show at the end of the month.

I really liked “Cut It Off” when I listened to it a few weeks back so I decided to give the full album a review.

Check out my full review of Sins Of The Elders here.

Conclave starts Sins Of The Elders off with the depressing, rain-driven track ”Descend”. And that is what the music forces the listener to do, to descend onto whatever bleak path is before them.

“Descend” ends with a crack of thunder that produces the more urgent guitar riffing that makes up the beginning of the second song “Funeral Fyre”.

“Funeral Fyre” is nine minutes of guitar-driven cacophony featuring the gravel-vocal stylings of bassist Jerry Orne.

The third song “Black Lines” starts of slower, with each strumming of the guitar weighing heavy, around a minute and a half in, it trades in a bit of weight for a bit of speed.

“Cut It Off” is probably the album’s most diverse track; the most vocally heavy and possessing the most diversity of instrumentation. By its sixth minute, the guitar has built up to something pounding and dare I say thrashy something that you might hear on a Black Sabbath or Judas Priest song.

“Mammut” starts with what sounds like the sound of a plane crashing (or at least taking a very serious nose dive). The track rhythmically pounds out a guitar drone. As Jeremy Kibort and Terry Savastano (guitarists) dance around one another they create a dense soundscape thick enough to get lost in. Halfway through the track is a clip of someone speaking Germans and more sounds of airplanes, giving the impression the song has something to do with World War II and Nazi Germany. Mammut in German means Mammoth.

The sixth track is “Aethereum”. It is probably the heaviest track on the album. It is a pounding, head-banging, journey through space at the dragging speed of doom metal.

“Cold Comfort” starts off with some loud and abrasive reverb and some tribal drumming. If “Mammut” carried us high above the clouds until we lost cabin pressure and “Aethereum” took us to space, “Cold Comfort” brought us back, crashing down to earth. “Cold Comfort” was a song that Jerry Orne and Terry Savastano had worked on before Warhorse had disbanded and it is arguably the best track on the album.

The last track, “Kaltas” is one of the shortest at just a few seconds short of four minutes, but it may be the most melodic; soft and atmospheric.

Sins Of The Elders overall is a promising tome of doom metal with plenty of different elements of different styles of metal thrown in to create a unique Conclave sound. There are parts where the album lags and loses me but it has a sound and a stylistic meshing that I find endearing. I look forward to the folks in Conclave continuing to work together and to produce more new and interesting soundscapes in the future.


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