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Album Review: Cough – “Still They Pray”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 3:37 PM (PST)
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The first Cough record in half a decade is a monumental stoner monster. Halfway through “Masters Of Torture”, the fourth pummeling and plodding doom bath, you’ll already have charred brains, smoke pouring from your ears and moss growing on your face- but then the red hot guitar solo will sear your soul. This friggin’ album will turn a Sunday School teacher into God Damn Swamp Thing.

The “wait for it” downbeat stomp of Weedeater paired with the “I can’t believe how good this sounds” overwhelming power of Electric Wizard or Windhand are good comparisons (and it was recorded by Jus Oborn and Windhand’s Garrett Morris. EW’s own Jus Osborn also produced this and you can tell the band and Jus were very much on the same page. This is pure guitar worship of the most Sabbathian variety but often sounds like Nirvana’s “Something In The Way” was distorted sludge but written in the 70′s (hear “Dead Among The Roses” \m/).

“Let It Bleed” is a terrific single, sad and morose yet warming all your cracks and craters with a sort of impending feeling of letting go that mirrors the lyrics, which seem like they may be about suicide. It’s for sure one of the better songs this year and sort of like if the melancholy feeling of Sabbath’s “Changes” was paired with a much more futile feeling and dropped into a fuzzed out space doom blender. “Shadow Of The Torturer” is a keeper, I’m assuming inspired by the trippy, freaky and morbid as hell Gene Wolfe sci fi classic? Anyway, I would prob drive several states to see the band play just this song alone.

This is sort of like the soundtrack to slowly watching a zombie hand emerge from the ground near where you were having a post-picnic nap only the riffs are so good you forget to run away but just when you think the zombie hand will choke you it passes you some drugs and maybe gives you a high five or some manual release…and then kills you.

Overall, the tunes kind of blend together but like Electric Wizard never in a bad way. You get caught up and hypnotized like listening to Sleep for hours in a room with a flickering lightbulb very easily. You could very quickly tune in and drop way the fuck out off the grid with this album and never be seen again. It’s doubtful many other records this year, the new Witchthroat Serpent notwithstanding, will get into such a sweet, doomed groove as this planet sized sonic black hole from beyond time…er, from Virginia.

Check out “The Wounding Hours” to get way into this baby while simultaneously holding your head in your hands and crying inside somewhere far away from the light.

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