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Album Review: Crypt Sermon – “Out Of The Garden”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 5:26 AM (PST)
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Right off the bat let’s cut to the chase…this record is amazing. If you’ve gotten tired of stoner/doom bands glutting the scene and want a release that will still hold up years from now Out Of The Garden from Philly’s musically gifted Crypt Sermon is the one to grab (though I’d also point you towards Eric Wagner fronted The Skull’s 2014 crusher For Those Which Are Asleep). What makes CS stand out? Sure they mine territory we’ve heard before (“Heavy Riders” is a Cathedral-esque plodding winner that kicks into “Symptom Of The Universe” mode gloriously about 3 minutes in). The songwriting is pure power though and you can hear the conviction in every ripping solo (Steve Jansson- holy cow ) or mournful cry from the role owning theatrical frontman Brooks Wilson. Wilson’s bluesy yet kind of mid range voice is yearning and bleak with classic metal qualities (he even reminds me of Saxon at times). After hearing this release (over and over again lately, honestly) I am dying to see the band live. “Byzantium” the vocals have an epic melodic yet somber quality which slightly reminded me of the very different Primordial, though the riffs are pure morose doom. The opening onset of stirring guitars and death march through mud drumming is real heavy metal all the way.

So many bands are worried about the wrong things but Crypt Sermon (like T.O.A.D. recently on their more extreme metal, weirder and completely killer Vacant Face) punch right to the guts by focusing on intense metal music over being posh or Instagramy (I can’t hate…I’m on Instagram all the time, haha. It’s part of why I had a flip phone still for years to keep me from wasting time on stupid shit). Anyway, fans of stretched out classic rock leaning face searing solos over big, fat riffs of doom with dark and melodic lava flowing beneath the surface will eat this sermon up. Can’t recommend this enough. “Will of the Ancient Call” indeed.

Pre order via Dark Descent HERE.

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