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Album Review: Cynthesis – “ReEvolution”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 1:16 PM (PST)
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Two years after DeEvolution, which was the debut album for the California progressive metallers in CynthesisReEvolution is about to drop. ReEvolution is the second in a trilogy of albums and a prog metal stand alone. Check out the full review here.

A repetitive, lulling instrumental brings you into Cynthesis’s world as they introduce you to ReEvolution (Sensory/Lasers Edge Group), the second in a trilogy of albums. Once they have caught you in a false sense of security, they shake you awake with the second track, “Convergence,“ which while it may also be repetitive, encourages one to loosen their neck muscles and bang their head as they prepare for the journey that they are about to take. The third track, “The Grand Façade,” starts as a smooth rocker with a steady beat, but both band and singer seem to be holding something back, as if they could either go faster, harder, or play with some kind of dexterity that they are refraining from. By the end, with vocal overlays showcasing the different ranges of vocalist Erik Rosvold and the fist pumping heaviness of the band, “The Grand Façade” officially welcomes the listener into its diverse atmosphere.

The album has a lot of great moments, like at the end of “Persistence of Visions” when Rosvold belts out, “Destructive passion will crush this kingdom!” right before the band falls to a low whisper as it fades into “The Noble Lie”, which opens with an echoing guitar that not only gives an incredibly heavy atmosphere, but suggests transcendence from whatever conflict filled “Persistence of Visions”.

Hold your breath through “The Noble Lie”, listen to the protagonist’s journey, it builds the anxiety and the anticipation and the adventure, and by time you reach, “Release the Deity” and its soft sound, you can exhale and continue your journey. By the end of “Release the Deity” Rosvold leaves the audience with awesome vocals of almost Halfordian heights.

Overall ReEvolution is soft and fluid – something that can be listened to when you want to drift away and day dream, while never sacrificing its heavy metal integrity. The musicians seem to be virtuosos of their instruments. Everything seems to meld together and none of the members, and none of the instruments seem to trip over, push past or overpower any other.

Slow, without dragging like a Doom Metal album, steady, without rocking like a Rock album, heavy without distorting or chugging like a Death Metal album, this is pure Progressive Metal that does not want to be anything other than everything it already is. ReEvolution is clean, powerful and straight forward. It’s a progressive head-trip without needing any added sound clips or special effects, save for the layers that give the album its thick, but not overbearing, atmosphere.

The bottom line is simple, If you are looking for heavy metal head music this summer, look no further than ReEvolution by Cynthesis.

ReEvolution will be released on June 4th via Sensory Records.

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