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Album Review: Despite – “Synergi”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 12:13 PM (PST)
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Gothenburg, Sweden’s Despite are back with an album that meshes the grandiosity of progressive metal with the bloody-knuckle-brutality of death metal. Synergi is a testament to everything the Gothenburg scene has built.

Synergi will be unleashed onto the masses on July 22 via Eclipse Records.

Check out my full review of the album here.


After opening up with “Soul = Denied”, Despite drops the listener down into the melodic-instrumental soundscape that is the beginning of the second track “As You Bleed”.

“As You Bleed” is a UFC inspired banger that brings the listener up-close-and-personal with Vocalist Peter Tuthill’s growl.

The song starts with a challenge:

“Let’s get this rumble started right now (right now) // I’m gonna show you how it’s done // Let the fists slam like atom bombs // I’m gonna have a little fun (with you)!”

And ends eerily:

“As you’re bleeding out you are filled with doubt to your own existence // when the fingers snap and your jaw is cracked you’re left to fend for yourself!”

The title track is also a demonstration of the sound of the album. Opening up with blistering fast drums and coercing the listener to snap their neck, this track leaves behind any pretense of melody present throughout other tracks.

“Inject new blood, ignite the flames // dissect the core, rebuild the frame! Reassemble! This new machine will push the envelope afar // Grow embers! We’ll never take defeat, there’s no surrendering!”

Check out the title track, “Synergi” here:

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Probably my favorite track on the album is Praedonum. It is a track that exemplifies the band’s fantastic guitar work. Tuthill growls:

“Your days are numbered!… // Your days are numbered…! // Your days are numbered!!”

Then the track sinks into a valley of guitar cacophony before fading into the next track, “Unexceptional”.

The closing track, “Awakening”, does the best job of any song on the album of melding, in a single track, the aforementioned combination of (melodic) death metal and progressive metal.

And the lyrics, also, are impressive:

“They cut the heads off for their God // They reject their meds just for their God // Why can’t we get along, why do we have to fight? // Nobody’s ever seen a belief that’s always right // Compass malfunction, human reduction // Retaliation, but who are we?”

In all, this album has some shining moments, but it’s also plagued with filler. When it’s good its great, but sometimes it’s bland. It’s worth a first listen. If you’re a Gothenburg fanatic, than definitely check out the album when it drops.

Check out “As You Bleed” to get a taste of Synergi and decide for yourself.

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