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Album Review: Fit For A King – “Slave To Nothing”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 9:24 AM (PST)
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Fit For A King‘s Slave To Nothing is impressive, a step forward for the band while retaining enough old sound to appeal to fans familiar with their history. The Will Putney (Suicide Silence, Miss May I) assisted production is perfect for the band. I would kill to work with Will and the band are obviously relishing their collaboration. Solid State Records is matching their greatest releases with this. It certainly is up to par with Demon Hunter’s best, with a display of soaring melody plus a whiplash groove to please fans looking to fill the Chimaira or God Forbid voids as well.

“Young & Undeserving” just sounds mean starting out, but really takes off with spacious guitars and melodic vocals that would please fans of Saosin’s brighter moments of the Cove era. The title track of the album was my least favorite at first, but on repeated listens the repeated shouts and determination felt genuine. Lead verse intro riff also pounds and grooves hard. Kudos to Jared Easterling completely owning this album with a beastly drum arrangements. The record doesn’t reach the ferocity of the also groove heavy Those Who Fear’s latest, but it does really bludgeon at times and with a good sense of purpose. “Cleanse My soul” is great for an introspective singalong drive with a detour or two into deathcore country breakdowns and back, while “The Final Thoughts OF A Dying Man” has some gorgeous lead guitar runs that would make Within the Ruins fans alert, proving Fit For A King aren’t just another band with “King” in their name who are trend-wagon moshing. The guitar work and pining for younger innocence on this mixed with a will to grow get a big thumbs up. This record will make a real fun live show as well, no doubt.

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