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Album Review: Gatecreeper – “Sonoran Deprivation”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 9:18 AM (PST)
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Gatecreeper‘s new Relapse-backed skullfucker is as heavy as the buzz has been telling you. Let us contribute more to said buzz by heaping more praise on this ferocious album. You have probably been seeing bloggers goo about it from all corners of the metalsphere at this point, with brief detours of “Holy shit, the new Metallica aint half bad!” but yeah…Gatecreeper.

There is a very old school gnarliness to these tracks sure to appeal to fans of better Morbid Angel tones but they also could appeal as strongly to kids into Xibalba or the more death metal influenced hardcore. Sonoran Deprivation has a few moments, like the snarls and gutter ‘yeahs’ in “Sterilized”, that make you feel like someone unpleasantly liked the inside of your guts. The shit is just so unforgiving. “Stronghold” is probably the best song on the album, a powerful charge that drives up the middle of the record like a stampeding bull and features not only barrage but some killer slower riffage and dual guitar harmonies.

The band’s durable sound and lack of bullshit currently has them able to tour alongside Skeletonwitch, Oathbreaker and Iron Reagan, FYI.

“Patriarchal Grip” and “Rotting As One” shows the band can do more modern and old school sounding song titles, hahaha. The album brings serious mosh but also the aforementioned crossover appeal, yet the vocals are nothing if not pure death all the way. These guys don’t skimp for a second on the brutal but unlike some bands for some reason Gatecreeper don’t fatigue and just make you addicted to their sound and wanting more. The record has really great replay value and a lot of that also is due to the extra attention paid to little rhythmic shit like kick patterns or unified parts that will make you air drum like you are listening to fuckin’ Led Zep or something. Except you will probably get way more self injured rocking to this nefarious nastiness.

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