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Album Review Gwar: “Bloody Pit of Horror”

Posted by Geoffy-Dee on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 1:21 PM (PST)
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There are only so many bands in this tiny, overpopulated world that will never, ever disappoint me, and Gwar is one of them. Almost thirty years into their recording career and with seventeen full length albums, Gwar continues to enslave humanity with it’s thrashy and humorous take on heavy metal. “Bloody Pit of Horror” is no exception, as it absolutely rocks from start to finish. Thrash metal tunes like “Zombie March” and “Hail Genocide” will have your head banging, while slower more comedic tunes like “You Are My Meat” will make you laugh while pleasuring your eardrums to the fullest extent. After the first listen to this album, I guarantee you will sit back and think “HOLY SHIT, Gwar you are my masters!”  One of the highlights of the album is the track “Litany of the slain” a eulogy for the “Creatures killed by Gwar” which include, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Paris Hilton, John  McCain, Courtney Love and others. Honestly, I don’t think music can get better than Gwar. Also included, a live version of “Hello-O-Medley” which is a combination of Gwar songs that runs almost 8 minutes in length.

“Bloody Pit of Horror” was released November 9th on Metal Blade Records.

But what are you listening to me for? You can stream the whole album for free on AOL music. Check it out!

5 out of 5 stars. And I don’t give five stars lightly. This Album is fucking amazing.

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