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Album Review: Ice Nine Kills “The Predator Becomes The Prey”

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Monday, January 20, 2014 at 5:05 PM (PST)
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INK I had the pleasure of reviewing Ice Nine Kills‘ new record When Predator Becomes The Prey this weekend. The album is being released on January 21, 2014 via Fearless Records/Outerloop Records.

Ice Nine Kills managed to capture my attention at the very beginning of the record and more importantly, was able to hold it throughout the entire record.

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The album as a whole is entirely entertaining. There wasn’t a point while listening to the record where I decided “I would like to skip this song.” The intros to every song made me want to move, jump, and be at some sort of large music festival. I became increasingly excited with each track that played to hear what was next– as if I couldn’t get through the record fast enough.

Songs like “Jonathan” and “What I Never Learned in Study Hall” give me  nostalgic feelings that remind me of cira 2006 Underoath and The Used–it’s nice to have that very warm safe place within When Predator Becomes the Prey that I haven’t experienced while listening to an album in years.

The clean vocals, the screaming, and the riffs are all on point. Musically, the album is exceptionally good, lyrically– the album also does wonders in exploring the struggles of everyday people dealing with a emotions that range from hate and revenge to dealing with complete defeat.

Between the catchy choruses and “chant ready” verses I can almost guarantee that upon listening to The Predator Becomes The Prey, you will find your newest life anthem and favorite new song to hear live. I know I’ve found mine.

This album has the potential to make Ice Nine Kills one of the biggest names in the Melodic Hardcore genre.

I strongly recommend buying this album upon it’s release on the 21st.








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