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Album Review: Job for a Cowboy – “Demonacracy”

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 7:09 PM (PST)
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I’ve been an avid listener of Job For A Cowboy for a while now. I’ve listened to everything they’ve put out there. I recently accepted the challenge of reviewing their latest album. Difficult, because it is at this point where I needed to separate the “fan” from the “reviewer” – quite difficult.

I’ve had Demonacracy in my possession for the last couple of weeks and I find myself speechless. I listened to the album for 4 straight hours the first day I had it and I couldn’t find the proper diction to describe my emotions or thoughts towards the album.

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This album is much heavier than Job For A Cowboy’s 2009 album Ruination. The vocal work has gone up substantially, as has the technicality in not only guitar work but drums as well. Demonacracy is harder, faster, and louder than both Genesis (2007) and Ruination combined. Every track on this album is amazing in its own right but it also has its weak points.

The album starts with “Children of Deceit”, its wailing guitars and intense drum work gives everything a Job for a Cowboy fan has come to expect from one of their album, only intensified. Next up is “Nourishment Through Bloodshed” which has vocals that will make the skies of the dark underworld open and unleash the beastly god that is the drum pedal work.

This is ten followed by “Imperium Wolves”, one of the weaker songs on the album. It didn’t catch my attention in any particular way. I could not find the uniqueness of this track nor could I find it appealing in the way tracks one and two were. The song simply… exists.

The album is fantastic at first, as seen by the first few opening tracks, but it starts to lose its appeal after only a few listens. Although I still consider the album a good piece of work; I do not find it to be something that can be listened to more than few times without it becoming worn out and somewhat stale.

However, Demonacracy is a massive growth in the band’s talents and level of technicality, both in the vocal and instrumental work. I am honestly excited to see where the band goes from here. I feel as if this album is only a launching pad for what may be a heavier, faster, and harder platform for Job For A Cowboy to take off and grow from.

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