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Album Review: Midnattsol – “The Metamorphosis Melody”

Posted by Darklord on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 8:50 PM (PST)
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Germany-Norway symphonic folk metallers Midnattsol have released their third album entitled “The Metamorphosis Melody”. The band is introducing Alex Kautz as their new guitarist who joined the band shortly after the release of their last album “Nordlys” in 2008.

“The Metamorphosis Melody” continues to deliver their symphonic Nordic sound with soothing vocals coming from the voice of Carmen Elise Espenaes. The band has decided to depart with Fabian Pospiech and Daniel Droste, both were guitarists from 2008-2010. Nevertheless Alex Krautz does a fine job playing with the members who have been part of Midnattsol since the origin of the band.

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“Alva” is a soothing introduction, which gives light to Daniel Fischer, the keyboardist. It jumps right into the self-titled track that’s about moving on from the past and you’ll notice great Nordic melodies coming from Birgit Ollbrunner on bass with Alex’s guitar work and Chris Merzinsky’s technical drumming. “Spellbound” is an epic tune about experiencing wonderful times with a potential lover without expectations. It’s a song that recommends exploring nature and the excitement that life yearns to offer. Filled with enchanting orchestral sounds coming from Daniel’s keyboard and great riffs and lead-guitar melodies from Alex.There is great potential in this band and it shows because “Motets Makt” was a song entirely in Norwegian and it added so much strength to the track. Their Nordic roots were most prominent on this track and is proof that Midnattsol has the ability to produce excellent material.

The album is instrumentally great and the vocals do a good job of adding some smoothness to the technicality of the music. This album is fairly impressive in its entirety and shows that there is hope for better material from this band in the future. The production was solid and anyone into female fronted, symphonic-metal will enjoy the meaningful lyrics and great musicianship.

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