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Album Review: Rise Of Doom – “Purgation”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 11:56 AM (PST)
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Rise Of Doom are a metalcore band somewhere between the synth and hook heavy sounds of Betraying The Martyrs and the low end breakdown gurgle of Oceano. It’s a good record and obviously they love what they do. My only real gripe is most bands doing this style don’t seem to have much regional difference no matter where they come from in the world.

Anyway, this French band have a sound sure to appeal to many scene kids worldwide who like their metalcore stuff new school + occasionally djenty, mostly mid tempo with lots of double kick and generally screamed vocals augmented with cleans. You know the style. It’s not for everybody but this band does it way better than most. I was really impressed with the professionalism and drive which is obvious in their video “Gaia”. Some real mosh worthy parts on here and if you like this style you will be sure to hit repeat on Purgation!!! Pick it up at Bandcamp HERE.

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Highlights include the galloping intro of “Global Disorder” which feels like rising panic in the streets. I bet these guys could set a room off live with this song and I loved the abyssal and really ominous synth between the breaks early on in the song before a few surprising melodeath measures kick in as a pre-chorus. This band could honestly do really well Stateside if they could get their French asses over here to show America that they can bring it as hard as us dumb cowboys. “Illusion Of Knowdlege” has an intro that doesn’t do much for me, just a bit too much like many bands already. While there are a few filler tracks however like that one ( a similar problem slightly faced the Exist Immortal record I recently reviewed), this is a great release for an unsigned band who are new to the scene. “Beyond The Universe” opens with a roar and pulls you in. It would be a great way to close out a set as it is a hard song to follow, realy cool synth breaks again and some of their most aggressive moments. I personally am a sucker for synth and the way they layer it really makes the metalcore more interesting, and not really in a dubstep way, thank God. “Gaia” was a good choice for a single as it shows a bit of everything they have to offer and has a real epic movie style intro before the main riff drops like a ton of bricks after a widdly widdly kind of Periphery technical riff briefly makes an appearance.

Look forward to seeing if this band sticks around unlike too many groups who call it quits really fast these days. Lot of potential here to be scene leaders in their genre, even if it isn’t reinventing the wheel.


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