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Album Review: Scar Symmetry – “The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 11:13 AM (PST)
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2014 brings a new Scar Symmetry release, maybe their most ambitious and finest hour to date. The future focused The Singluarity (Phase I – Neohumanity), is a
collection of extremely well executed and technically proficient metal with cyber, death and epic metal characteristics. Perhaps not since the halcyon days of Fear Factory or Voivod has a metal band so earnestly and successfully wrestled with what it means to be a human amidst the growth of A.I. and the race to the technological finish line.

The band are not afraid to incorporate many tasteful chances to showcase their fluid leads and penchant for prog sounding vocal melodies, really paiting a vivid picture on the mind’s eye. Along with Allegaeon’s fantastic and heavy as heck Elements of the Infinite, this is a top choice for metal this year that includes a healthy fear of and fascination with our love of technological growth, even as humanity lags behind in matters of the soul and compassion.

What is left of us and who (or even what) are we becoming?

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Death vocals added beneath cleaner vocals of an at times almost male choral fashion on “Neohuman” work together well instead of feeling jarringly embedded just for the token growl. This record is too busy forming a picture of human potential and examining “Technocalyptic Cybergeddon.”  Plus, who else but Scar Symmetry can somehow sound like fuckin’ Styx, old In Flames and Amon Amarth simultaneously, as in the song “Limits To Infinity”? It certainly must be the futrure for such hybrids to exist and be good.

Full of great performances, epic passages and brain wiping meloodic runs, this record is a must have piece of this year’s metal puzzle for fans of melodic death or even power metal. Scar Symmetry, in this first of a three part trilogy of releases, have started something truly high-reaching, soaring and determined. The soundtrack worthy instrumental “Children Of The Integrated Circuit” will transport you as much as any sci-fi movie like Oblivion. The band have extended their hand to pull fans along into their matrix of creative ideas and passages that celebrate melodic death’s growth and compatibility with prog and high concept metal. Track 7,”Neuromancers” arrives with fanfare akin to the rush of exhilaration and boundlessness you can feel when at the edge of the frontier of technological innovation…or in this case, while cranking really great metal!

The songs are imposing but kind of like seeing a huge marvel you can’t look away from (I’m thinking of the feeling I get from Killing Joke’s Pandemonium), complete with some mid paced head bang parts like the 5:55 mark of “Technocalyptic Cybergeddon” all leading up to the final album section augmented with gorgeous synth to carry this last song out.

This is the soundtrack to dreams of future shock we haven’t even conceived of yet…”As we merge with the machines.”


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