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Album Review: Seeker – “Loss”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 4:04 PM (PST)
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Dallas, TX’s meanest export Seeker return with 10 songs that fly past but will leave a heavy boot print indentation on your face. Now a trio, Seeker have become faster and somehow both tighter and more unhinged at the same time. There is less of a hardcore element in favor of an unforgiving assault on the senses via a blend of crusty thrash and extreme metal elements.

“Void” at 2:53 is one of the longer songs but bears down on you like you’re tied to the tracks and watching certain destruction approach. It will be crazy if they can pull this stuff off live, because the songs are as demanding as some of the more manic Dying Fetus material, for example. There is still a very cool use of dissonance and elements of clanging tones and the vocals almost act like more of an extra instrument this time than coming off like a really pissed excerpt from a metalcore dude’s autobiography.

That’s not to say anything negative about Unloved, which was a great record. It is also pretty evident that Bryce Lucien is still venting a lot, though I found the vocals a lot harder to make out this time around. It doesn’t take away from the intensity and emotional charge of the tracks, however. Seeker have created a really oppressive record, from the harmful sea sickness of “Swallowed” to the 1:10 “Self-Harm” which starts with a false lull reminiscent of some dronier Converge textures before an experimental racket you might expect on a more spastic Minus record sets up the hope crushing slow dirge of the final title track.

This is a really physical record, in that way still very rooted to the hardcore scene. This band could decimate a stage with a variety of acts and hold their own on intensity and imaginative arrangements alone. You will feel simultaneously fired up and eventually drained by the onslaught, but it is a record that certainly gives back and more than allows for outlet of some of life’s worst pressures.

I still think this is far and away one of the stronger Victory signings in years, a band who are often sound like they are fighting to hold their own center. Here’s hoping they keep both hands on the wheel or lasso the tornado for a few more years to say the least.

Loss won’t lose your interest. Pre Order HERE.


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