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Album Review: Seidr – “For Winter Fire”

Posted by Darklord on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 2:00 PM (PST)
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Kentucky’s ambient doom metallers Seidr are releasing their full-length debut entitled, “For Winter Fire”. Jack Hanner, Adam Nicholson, Crow and A. Lundr have a history of releasing 2 demos and an EP. The long-awaited LP has 7 epic tracks to keep any fan of doom entertained.

“For Winter Fire” is a great album when it comes to producing the ambient atmosphere that is needed in the world of doom. A. Lundr is clearly a multi-talented musician whose impact on this album is shown greatly. He’s been involved with bands such as Agnosis, Throndt, and ex-Anagnorisis. Not to mention the heavily underestimated, anarchic black-metal solo project, Panopticon. Jack Hannert is the blood-curdling vocalist who expresses himself greatly throughout “For Winter Fire” and guitarist Crow and bassist Adam help catapult this 7-track album.

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“A Vision From Hlidskjalf” is a great, doomy introduction with profound screams emanating from the voices of Jack and A. Lundr, while “Sweltering” is a melancholic song with atmosphere and presenting great technical drumming and an epic outro that starts off with an acoustic guitar and the sounds of rain. The acoustic song “In the Ashes” is a track which brings warmth to “For Winter Fire” and as the album keeps its somber tone throughout, this track proves this agenda is thoroughly achieved. Production-wise the album sounds fine for a doom album. The technicality of the drums can be clearly heard and the vocals and the guitars mesh well with each other. Both vocalists are talented and present themselves equally.

This album contains many ambient elements of doom and death-metal with a hint of depressive-black. My favorite tracks include “The Night and the Wild Hint”, “A Gaze at the Stars”, and the doom-defying “Stream keeper”. “For Winter Fire” is filled with great melancholic guitar strumming and if you listen to any depressive-atmospheric, or doom-metal in general, Seidr will not let you down.

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