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Album Review: Suicide Silence – “You Can’t Stop Me”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 8:43 AM (PST)
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On November 1, 2012 I remember getting the news of Mitch’s death as I was heading into a video conference meeting. It was the first time that hearing that a musician or artist had died had stopped me in my tracks.  I was genuinely sad to know that Mitch was gone – in my high school music appreciation class we had to pick a song to present to the class, and I’d picked “Disengage”. Suicide Silence posters were stuffed into the fronts of my binders, a long haired kid carrying around pictures of long haired kids. The people in my small southern town hated it, and I loved that they hated it.

When it was announced that Eddie was going to take the helm of Suicide Silence, I was skeptical, but hopeful. Honestly, I wasn’t super stoked when the studio clip of Eddie covering “You Only Live Once” came out. Then when the video for “Cease To Exist” came out, I was excited about the music, but the video seemed misogynistic and violent, which I found extremely disconcerting. “Don’t Die” and “Cease To Exist” were mammoth tracks that were genuine Suicide Silence, and I’ve been sold since. And if you still aren’t sold, consider that this album features both The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato and George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher of the legendary Cannibal Corpse!

Without any further ado, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes. Read my review of You Can’t Stop Me here!

With You Can’t Stop Me Suicide Silence ease the listener in, kind of in Suicide Silence fashion, before exploding into “Inherit The Crown” which I was immediately convinced was a nod to Suicide Silence’s and Mitch Lucker’s last album The Black Crown. “A crowd so lost when you fucking left us // A public without their lungs // Your relentless prowess helped so many // Your memory will never be lost // Let me be your new foundation // Stone and iron make up these bones!”

These lyrics are undoubtedly a nod to Mitch, and to the fans, who felt devastated by his sudden passing. The song goes on:

“Can I please get a chance to fucking breathe // I’m sick and tired of expecting this hate // It’s up to you, what do you want me to be // I can be your best friend or worst enemy // Let me be your new foundation // Stone and iron make up these bones.”

These lyrics definitely seem like they’re from Eddie. While they are just good metal lyrics without any context, in context it seems like Eddie publicly asking, “Do you want me to do this or not? I’m here, I’ll be here, let me do this, let’s do this together.”

With that strong, emotional foundation laid, the album barrels into “Cease to Exist”. With moment’s like “I would drag myself through a mile of broken glass // just to watch you CEASE TO EXIST” and “Now a hex on your life // sent to your death // I’m here to PUN-ISH YOU!”

“Cease to Exist” keeps the momentum going, but isn’t a standout track.

“Sacred Words” makes me nostalgic for “Unanswered” and makes me fall in love with Suicide Silence all over again. Check out these lyrics: “There is a god who hates me // Because I question this plague // This world shouldn’t feel so empty // We are stronger than faith // We are god // We are god damned // We are god damned loud // We are god // We are god damned // We are god damned proud!!”

There’s no other lyric worth quoting from “Control” more than Corpsegrinder’s lyric: “Kneel down, stay down // Stay down because I own you // Kneel down, stay down // Don’t shut me out because I own you!”

He comes out of nowhere, contrasts Hermida’s almost screeching fast-pitched scream and growls through that lyric in a moment that is skull-crushing and heart-warming all at the same time. The contrast is made more epic by the way that Hermida seems to be taking on one role, someone fighting with anything – depression, self-esteem issues, drug problems, etc – and Corpsegrinder’s character is kind of the dark voice, the pessimism, the demon, if you will, that is trying to convince you to give in.

“UP FROM THE SHADOWS A HERO EMERGED!” starts the next song, “Warrior”. Not my favorite track, but like “Cease to Exist” enough to keep the momentum going. Next up is the title track with its anthemic chorus: “If you’re reckless and free, speak up sing this with me // With me // With me // We’re all fucking free // If you’re reckless and free, speak up // sing this with me // We’re free // We’re free //You can’t fucking stop me!”

The Suicide Silence death metal chorus is well intact on this album and as brutal, if not more brutal, than ever before.

The next couple of tracks feel mostly like filler, but then we’re given “Don’t Die.” A song that captures the spirit of what heavy metal camaraderie is supposed to be.

“We have been beaten down, we have been pushed aside // We sing these songs so that you don’t die // We sing these songs for the broken down // The beaten up and pushed aside // You aren’t alone in this path of life // We sing these songs so you don’t die // So you don’t die!!”

The album goes out on a dull note after “Don’t Die”. Overall this album has some pretty intense tracks, but it does have its number of filler tracks. Tracks that are standard, run-of-the-mill deathcore, good songs, but not great. My suggestion? Turn on “Control”, break the knob, and break neck!


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