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Album Review: Suidakra – “Book Of Dowth”

Posted by Darklord on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 6:53 AM (PST)
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The Celtic-folk influenced melodic death-metal band SuidAkrA unleashes their new album “Book Of Dowth”. Arkadius Antonik continues to remain as vocalist and guitarist on this mythological metal mayhem along-side Marcus Riewaldt on bass, Marius Pesch on guitar and Lars Wehner on drums. SuidAkrA has had a series of line-up changes and yet manages to deliver great albums. Their last LP, “Crogacht” was very much near perfection and “Book Of Dowth” isn’t that far behind.

“Book Of Dowth” opens up with an instrumental introduction that builds up greatly from bagpipes to angry Celtic drumming and guitars all together generating the sound for the listener to visualize the tale. The sound quality is superb and can arguably be superior to “Crogacht”. “Dowth 2059” is an excellent tune about a scientist who discovers the book of black and witnesses the knowledge and history it contains. The book starts to emanate ominous and corruptive energy. This track is a creative way to start “Book Of Dowth”.

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This album is filled with songs like “Battle-Cairns” which speaks of a Nemedian war that ended tragically as only 30 survived as they sailed off into the sea. SuidAkrA continues to show the example of their ability to remain consistent with their latest line-up. “Birog’s Oath” is a song about a fairy-woman foretelling the future and deciding to stand by her druid until the righteous end regardless of what fate brings them. “The Dark Mound” was another great track that tells the story of a druid who becomes a victim to an evil spell, which corrupts him into forcing villagers to work as slaves for a day. What the villagers aren’t aware of is that his sister was also a victim of the spell and her magical powers were abused to make that day everlasting. Finally, due to the overwhelming frustration from the spell and the desire to break it, the druid succeeded.

The sound in “Book Of Dowth” in comparison to “Crogacht” is a little different this time around. Their last LP had a more sympathetic tale about the son of a king who’s fate was a tragic death by his own father. In “Crogacht” we hear a more melancholic tone to build relevance to the story. This time around, we have a powerful book of the ancients that has been discovered and in it are tales of the times of old which is much more of a prophetic omen. SuidakrA chose to play a bit darker and the quality of the production is much better. With this said, “Book Of Dowth” stands alone as a great album with much respect to “Crogacht”.

Considering the fact that these melodic Celtic warriors have been showing lots of progress, the time is due for anyone that’s into death-metal to become aware of the band that is SuidakrA. Lyrically and instrumentally this album is a great addition to any melodic death-metal listener with a hunger to pay homage to the Iron-Age Celts.

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