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Album Review: Sylosis – “Edge Of The Earth”

Posted by Darklord on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 7:17 PM (PST)
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Ravaging through the British metal scene, the band Sylosis chose to unleash their second LP, “Edge Of The Earth” this year. The album opens with “Procession” which is just nothing less than a smooth yet technical mixture of melodic death-metal with elements of thrash.

This album is a prominent example of what we should expect from Sylosis in the future. “Edge Of The Earth” is a restless album that yearns to be considered a classic. The track “Empyreal” is an instant piece of ear candy that demonstrates the great chemistry this band has. The song opens a bit triumphantly and jumps right into a carefully executed ride with sequences of epic splashes coming from Rob Callard’s drum-set. Although the drums alone are worthy of nodding endlessly to, you won’t be able to ignore Josh Middleton’s low and high-pitch screams as he rips some serious lead with flawless melodies that blend in extremely well with Alex Bailey’s rhythmic guitar strumming and Carl Parnell’s complementary bass lines.

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“Edge Of The Earth” won’t fail to please those of you who have already been exposed to their first LP entitled “Conclusion Of The Age”. Jamie Graham is no longer the vocalist but there shouldn’t be a reason to worry because Josh Middleton does a great job replacing him. “Edge Of The Earth” sounds a bit heavier and progressive than “Conclusion Of The Age”. When I first had a chance to listen to “Edge Of The Earth” I had immediately noticed how the band has evolved since their last album.

This album refuses to stop impressing the listener with tracks like “A Serpent’s Tongue”, “Kingdom Of Solitude” and “Altered States Of Consciousness”. If you’re looking for a healthy 14-track meal of melodic death-metal then this is surely an album you’ll enjoy.

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