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Album Review: The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 2:08 PM (PST)
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Space noise gods The Atlas Moth return with The Old Believer on the always superb profound lore stable. I will always love this band for being so unique and doing their own thing. Any Moth release you are bound to get some very tripped out and introspective shit paired with raw black metal howls and a growing emphasis on semi-melodic sung passages that call to mind early Hammers Of Misfortune. It’s a striking blend of indie, sludge and psyche-doom that spirals out of the third eye like cloudy thoughts releasing first drops of rain before a deluge.”Collider” and lead off track “Jet Black Passenger” build on the loneliness of An Ache For The Distance while the band overall just sounds more pro than ever (but not at the expense of their edge). If anything they are refining what they do while still just as cool as they were out the gate on the raw and chemical doused 2009 LP A Glorified piece Of Blue Sky (still perhaps my favorite, if only because you always remember falling in love with a band’s first album you were exposed to with fondness.)

The Old Believer cover art looks like a cross between American Horror Story and a Jarboe release, and the music inside is just as affecting as the visuals. The ominous yet inspired “The Sea Beyond” speaks of seas full of alien, crystal entities. The whole record seems to yearn for lost or yet to be found knowledge. ‘Sacred Vine” opens with sparse drums before one of the most thrilling passages from the band yet thumps down on your skull. The best thing  about these guys is they make use of practically every frequency of the guitar at their disposal. Similar to The Ocean’s recent gem Pelagial, you get high pitched droning and hypnotic shimmering sections, mid tempo chug that is way smarter than metalcore tropes and a sense of real movement. Close your eyes and you are sure to have your imagination sparked, images dancing on the back of your eyelids. you wont even need ayahuasca to feel impelled to search within for growth. Hearing music like this and artists working hard to evolve, at least for me, makes me want to create incessantly myself. The halls of inspiration open wide and invite participation.

Click HERE for more and to hear “Collider”.

“Wynona” and some of the songs blend together but in a good way, as the record almost works like movements of a larger trip. If anything, it will make you self-assess and yet you can also just put it on and rock out without getting too exhausted, even though much of this is just as claustrophobic one minute as it can be uplifting the next.

The title track opening riff is somewhat similar to the latest Mastodon lick from “High Road”, but the band are keeping one foot more firmly in the underground than the esteemed and yet still awesome prog doom Atlanta outfit. Drums snap with a decidedly live sound and you feel like Stavros and company are screaming in your head. The Atlas Moth have just been nailing it since day one, casting stones into the Id.  By the time the solid wall of swirling guitars on closer “Blood Will tell” takes you home, you will be invigorated and spreading your bloody butterfly wings for the first time.


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