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Album Review: VEIL OF DECEPTION – “Dissident Voices”

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 7:56 PM (PST)
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They say that digital is the way to go these days, because nobody is buying physical CDs anymore. I guess when I got my physical copy of the new VEIL OF DECEPTION album Dissident Voices in the mail a few days ago, that was my nice way of giving a big middle finger to those who won’t buy the band’s albums. I’m old school that way. I enjoy studying the album cover. I love reading the lyrics as I listen to the album and getting lost in whatever tales the band is trying to tell me. I like reading the credits and thank you notes, trying to make connections to other bands I like, or even people I know. (“Oh, they thanked Bubba Barclay! That’s Joe Bob Brigg’s personal lawyer! Awesome!”).

I will never not own a physical copy of an album as long as it is possible, but people need to be buying CDs,
Vinyl, or even cassette tapes. All sorts of shit is possible these days. Anyway, speaking of buying CDs, that brings me to the reason we are all here right now! I’m going to sell you on an album to go check out!

Dissident Voices is the band’s third, and best musical offering to date, and it hits you harder than they have before with a unique blend of heavy in your face raw power, soulful heartfelt lyrics, and at times, haunting melodies. Guitarist / pianist Dejan Jorgovanovic perfectly matches singer Daniel Gallar’s voice, which I’ve often described as part Davey Havok (AFI) and part Erik A.K. (FLOTSAM AND JETSAM). I first discovered singer Daniel Gallar back in 2011 when he was announced as the new singer for NEPHWRACK, another criminally underrated band I will suggest you check out, but I’ll do that at a later date when I do a “From The Vault” review! Fast forward 8 years, and 5 musical offerings later, and his voice has gotten better.

Read more and hear a track BELOW.

Lyrically, Dissident Voices deals with tragedy as a theme, like betrayal, breakups, and loss, to name a few, and it perfectly fits the music without ever having an instance where one song may sound like another. It’s very fitting that the opening track is called “Tragedy Brings Clarity”. Jorgovanovic and Gallar are joined by drummer Chris Schober and bassist Thomas Hava to round out the rest of the lineup, who form one of the tightest drummer / bassist connections I’ve heard yet.

I always like to end my album reviews with a top 3 key tracks to check out, both as my way to saying to the band which pieces really spoke to me the most, but also for that fan who is going to go check out a couple songs on Alexa or YouTube or whatever service is handy. It was really hard for me to pick 3 this time around, so I am hopeful I picked the 3 that will speak out to potential new fans the most. Check them out, and buy the album. It’s out now! The band will thank you, and most importantly, you will thank yourself.

Key Tracks –
1. End Coming To An End
2. Bonds Of Disaffection
3. Missing Heartbeats

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